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This August is all about change. We believe that change is a fundamental part of life, and to embrace change is to move with the times. To get ahead. However, for the most part, when change comes most reject it! Preferring instead to keep the status quo the same and not have to learn anything new. Why would anyone take this view?

Last month we held a seminar on Rentvesting, a process in which weekly affordability can be reduced through the process of renting out an investment property and then renting a property yourself, benefiting from the tax breaks that investors receive but owner occupiers do not. The purpose of this seminar was to change attitudes towards investing, and we think we did fairly well. However, we don’t want to stop at just one investing strategy, we want every individual to understand the truth of what investing is all about, and this month we want to share that with you.

To that end we are holding a new seminar, a 5 Step Plan to making the most of your financial future, a Money Makeover!


For those wanting to get stuck in straight away, you can click this image to be taken straight to the sign up page!

After doing a bit of reading over the weekend, we found this article in the Australian Financial Review. To briefly summarise; it has for a long time been an overlooked and often hush, hush part of both business and property investment, that women will not perform as well as their male counterparts. The main reasons are not for lack of trying, but rather misrepresentation. Within property especially, the idea that the industry is a ‘boys club’ has permeated through to wider society, disillusioning women to the idea of investing. Added to this, there is the continuing gender income gap which remains an issue across all industries.

Obviously this is ridiculous, gender equality should have been the norm in all elements of society decades ago. But nevertheless, the problem remains, and we want to do something about it. To that end we are going to be running the Money Makeover seminar on the 23rd of this month. Aimed at women looking to get the most out of their finances, this discussion is going to completely change your perspective on what your own money can do for you in the financial world!

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What’s your opinion on gender equality in the financial world? Let us know in the comments below!