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‘Focus’ is a word that gets used a lot. But how can we apply it to our future?

Whether in sport, business or our personal lives, we often hear people say, ‘I really need to focus’ with the underlying message being that this is what must happen in order to improve performance and results in areas where they are lacking. Has this ever been you? Have you got focus?

Being focused requires conscious effort and concentration. When we are not getting the results we should be or we’re missing opportunities, to improve the outcomes, we need to focus.

What does focus mean?

Focus implies that we want greater clarity on something that is some distance away. This is what we could call the focal point. To focus on something, you need to choose a focal point and adjust your focus to see clearly at a distance. There is a gap between where you are, and what you are focusing on.

When you are not focused on something, it’s unlikely that you will achieve much. If it’s not top of mind it becomes part of the blur of daily activity and it doesn’t stand out. When we are not paying any attention to it, nothing in particular happens, and it stays, well, out of focus.

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Losing focus on your destination can have disastrous results. Keep track of where you are going!

So how is this relevant to you as a reader?

Well, if the truth be told, most people that we see are living their lives in the here and now, and are not focused on their futures. The future seems far away and the assumption is that with all that time, it will somehow sort itself out.

Do you fall into the trap of attending to all of the urgent things that we have to do now, even if they are not all that important in the big picture? Do you need to sharpen your focus on the really important issue of your future and planning for it, even though it’s a long way off and not ‘urgent’ in comparison to, for example, paying this month’s bills or re-painting the guestroom before visitors arrive for Christmas?

Why aren’t we more focused on our futures, given how many years we will spend there? The major reason is that we are time poor, and there is so much stuff to do that has to come first.

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We know that there is a lot to do in not a lot of time, but it’s vital to start thinking about your future today.

How we help

If you have a few hours we can sit with you and review your current financial position, your future situation, and we can set the priorities and goals that you would like to achieve.

What’s more, we can then develop a proposal for you that would set you on the path to a well-planned future.

If you want to sharpen your focus on your future, just click here.

Kind Regards,

Stephen McCarthy
CEO McCarthy Group