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New Mandurah developments on the foreshore are embracing the water loving culture of the city. Drivable, floating BBQ’s have been commissioned and will be operated off jetty 1305, giving those at the foreshore another activity to enjoy over the weekend.

If you haven’t heard about the new development, it might sound a bit strange. Floating, drivable BBQ’s? If nothing else, it sounds like a pretty serious fire hazard.


They certainly look fun to float along the water on

But learn more about the boats, and you’ll soon realise it’s maybe not such a silly idea. The boats are almost entirely sustainable, powered by solar panels and having emission free barbecues. Being made of high quality stainless steel and fiberglass, the boats are also very sturdy and can deal with wave action without much problem.

But aside from the boats’ construction, these developments suit the people of Mandurah down to a tee. There is little the people of Mandurah like more than to get out on the water. Whether it’s to enjoy a bit of fishing, or to just cool off over the weekend, the foreshore accommodates a lot of people all year round. By bringing this love together with another, barbequing, you can be sure that this new development is going to bring a lot of fun to the foreshore.

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