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Analysis Paralysis is a strange-sounding ailment that we need to cure before it harms our future lives.

It arises when you need to make a decision but start over-thinking things and over-analysing the information.

You then get confused about all your options, and end up doing nothing instead.

Have you ever experienced this?

For example, you want to refinance your mortgage. You get all the information from the banks and other lenders and analyse their rates, features, benefits and inclusions. You read business articles on loans and what to look out for. And you compare fixed rates with variable rates, and the combination of both.

There’s a lot to consider. But after analysing everything you end up confused and undecided.

So you don’t make a decision, toss it in the “too hard basket” and stay with your current lender. Can you relate to that? Do you know anyone who’s done that?

The same applies to investment property decisions. With almost 40% of all loans now going to fund investment property, isn’t this a great time to invest?

“Yes, but where should I invest?” you ask yourself.

“Is it the right time? In what kind of property? In what price range? What if I make a mistake? Do I need more data? What else do I need to know about? Who can advise me? Maybe I’ll go to a seminar? Or will that just confuse me more?”

So you end up saying to yourself, “Maybe I’ll just leave it for now, sit out this opportunity and wait for the next one. Then I’ll make my move, and I’ll know what to do by then.”

Our inner dialogue has the potential to drive us crazy, and more often than not we tend to put things off until later. But later never comes. So an important decision gets put off and the fear is gone, but it could hurt you in the long-term.

You can beat analysis paralysis

If you want to get ahead but are held back by Analysis Paralysis, you can be sure that many others have experienced this as well. It’s just that successful investors have found a way to deal with it. And so can you.

Nine steps to overcoming Analysis Paralysis

  • 1


    Turn your inner mind chatter around. Instead of endlessly over-analysing things, ask yourself, “What will I miss out on if I don’t take the plunge and decide?”

  • 2


    Make a list of “Why I need to do this”. If your “Why’s” are clear enough, they’ll give you the strength to push through the tough moments when you start to question yourself.

  • 3


    Put a time limit on your goals. An aspiration without an action deadline is just a wish.

  • 4


    Set yourself small daily goals. When you start to tick these off your self-esteem and confidence will increase, giving you the confidence to make bigger decisions.

  • 5


    Forget about waiting for perfect timing. There’s no such thing. It’s better to do your research and set sail in 80% the right direction, rather than waiting forever for the 100% perfect time.

  • 6


    Avoid newspapers and magazines for advice on property investment. Rather seek out people in the know who have done it for themselves.

  • 7


    Adopt a “Can do” attitude. Be like Nike – and “Just do it!”. Avoiding a decision by investing ever-more time in research is counter-productive.

  • 8


    Take courage. Many people just like you have travelled this path before you. Have the courage of your convictions, and believe in you.

  • 9


    Think long term. The decisions and actions you will take today will pay off in the future, and can even set you up for life. Isn’t that something worth doing, now?

Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

Is opportunity knocking at your door? Are you endlessly analysing who or what it might be, to the point where you decide not to open the door and opportunity knocks somewhere else instead?
If you’ve done your homework, use the nine steps above to move into decision mode and open the door to opportunity.

Decisiveness and determined action are the cure for the human condition we know as “Analysis Paralysis”, so seize the day and start making your moves, today.

Good luck, and happy investing.

Getting Started

If you have been suffering from Analysis Paralysis in terms of investment property, the good news is that we can help you to get going. Since 1999, McCarthy Group has worked with thousands of families across Australia to analyse their current and future financial positions and develop tailored investment strategies to enable them to achieve a comfortable future.

We are also able to help you establish your financial goals and develop a tailored investment plan that sets you on the road towards achieving them, all based on your personal income, tax, mortgage, savings and overall life situation.

We look forward to taking that important next step in your life journey with you, and we will be there to support you, every step of the way. And we won’t let Analysis Paralysis rob you of your life dreams!

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An Inspirational Case Study

Justine Franklin-Browne is a trainee train driver based in Karratha, WA. A former hairdresser, Justine has reinvented herself following an emotional separation from her partner, along with the loss of half a million dollars to ensure a
smooth exit from the relationship. Fast-forward to today, and Justine is the proud owner of her
own home as well as an investment property in Doreen, Vic. “I didn’t ever think I’d get my life or finances back on track, but I have. I’ve got a roof over my head and am working to make up for the money that I lost from the separation. I’m very proud of my achievements so far.”

Here is Justine’s story, in her words… When we were together, my ex-partner and I owned several investment properties. However, I was trapped in an abusive relationship. To escape it, I decided that I was prepared to lose a lot of money, despite knowing that I might never get back to the same financial position. I didn’t want to put myself through a soul destroying court battle, and so I was prepared to just walk away.

I had always been interested in investment property, but never thought that I would have the confidence to do it by myself.
One day I was chatting to one of my colleagues at work about accountants, and he told me that he was working with a good accountant in Sydney, linked to an investment property company called McCarthy Group.

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