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Our most sustainable investment.

Why Property?

Australia needs new homes. Lots of them. We hardly have enough already, and our population continues to steadily grow. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, our population will swell by 13 million over the next 40 years. The problem is, housing supply isn’t keeping up with demand. In fact, there is a housing shortfall of 300,000 homes coming in just the next four years. Our investment proposition is simple: Identify where demand for houses is greatest, then supply them.


Right Place, Right Time

Timing and location are absolutely critical to your success as a property investor. It’s not just time in the market, it’s also timing the market. While it’s tempting to buy in your backyard, or in suburbs you know, that’s often not the best idea. The Australian property market is very dynamic, consisting of over 14,680 towns and suburbs across eight states and territories. Each area and locality has market forces influencing its potential capital growth at different points of the cycle.

The trouble is, most people don’t know enough about these market forces to confidently invest beyond their local area. This is where you really benefit. We combine our vast investment experience and research expertise with a unique economic forecast and selection model to identify suburbs with the greatest growth and demand potential. This means you’ve got an eye on the entire country, giving you broader opportunities.

We Do Our Homework!

Since our inception in 1999, we have held an exceptional track record in identifying property hot spots. This is the result of our specialised research processes that clients and prospective investors would have difficulty replicating on their own.

We subscribe and contribute to major property publications, track the property cycles on a city-by-city basis, analyse the planned infrastructure, and make field visits to potential investment locations to see conditions on the ground first hand.

McCarthy Group has a team of specialists who are researching investment opportunities all day, every day, and so when we make a decision to invest in chosen locations, it is with the near-certain belief that strong economic growth and investor returns are ready to unfold.

What Kind of Property?

Affordable housing is always in the highest demand. An investment property that's within reach of the average income earning family will generally out perform the more glamorous McMansions and holiday resort apartments, no matter how tempting they may be to prospective investors like yourself. It's this demographic that McCarthy Group focuses on, so your investment remains highly affordable yet also highly desirable to the quality end of the tenancy band.

Also, although building an investment home as opposed to buying an existing older property requires a bit more time and effort for most people, we believe the potential rewards far outweigh any short-term inconvenience. For instance, the Australian Government is concerned with the alarming shortfall of homes in Australia, and has provided generous tax saving incentives to encourage investors to build new homes.

You also get extended manufacturer's warranties on appliances, fixtures, and fittings, and extended structural warranties for your peace of mind. You will also make substantial savings on Stamp Duty when buying land, and earn the 'developer's profit' as you are adding value by developing a vacant block of land.

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Get Started!

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