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There’s nothing like a brand new home.

Why Are Our Properties Special?

For over a decade McCarthy Group has been designing and providing freestanding investment homes on freehold land that deliver exceptional returns. We design unique, premium yet affordable investor homes, and we license established, award-winning builders to build them. Builders with proven high-quality workmanship and a dedication to client satisfaction.

In building homes for McCarthy Group, our builders are required to work to our high standards – On time – On budget – zero defects. You can relax with the knowledge that your home will be beautifully constructed without any fuss or bother. Backed up with industry-leading guarantees and warranties – giving you peace of mind.

The Best Materials and Brands

For many, an investment property is a secure, long term proposition, providing capital growth and a reliable source of income for many years. To enjoy this sort of return, you need to ensure your property’s installations and materials are of the highest quality, and that they reflect your ‘buy and hold’ strategy.

McCarthy Group uses only quality, trusted brands in the construction of your new investment home. Whilst paying for quality delivers great outcomes, we also make sure you don’t pay too much. Our cooperative buying power ensures competitive pricing, as well as favourable warranties and servicing.

The Best Materials and Brands
Dashing Entrance Area

Fixed Price

It’s frustrating and hard on your wallet when your builder introduces a whole lot of hidden costs after you’ve committed to go ahead. That doesn’t happen when you deal with McCarthy Group.

When we design and build a premium investor home for you, all the costs are laid out in black and white, in a fixed-price agreement, before you go ahead. You get a comprehensive specifications document in a plain English agreement, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

If we do happen to experience a cost overrun, we’ll pay for it out of our own pocket. No ifs, no buts, no exceptions.

Awesome Kitchen
Nice and Clean Sink
Bedroom and Wonderful Environment

Guaranteed Completion Date

You probably know someone whose new home took three times as long to build as they were told. Maybe it’s even happened to you. Well, with McCarthy Group, that’s something you don’t have to worry about. We don’t stop with a fixed price guarantee. We also guarantee a construction completion date once you settle on your land and if we’re not finished by then, we pay until we are. It’s your risk reversal policy.

The Huge Kitchen

Extended Warranties

We firmly believe that the manufacturers of the materials and fixtures we use in your home should be held accountable for their products. That’s why we negotiate extended warranties and guarantees with our manufacturers, so you enjoy real peace of mind. We call it risk reversal.

Best Living Room
wooden kitchen
Small Study Room
Perfect Bed Room
Large Living Room and Entertainment
Dashing Dining Room
Nice and Clean Shower

When It’s Finished, It’s Finished Properly

When you’re building an investment home, you’re building for discerning tenants who’ll expect everything complete and ‘just right’ when they move in. Unlike some owner-occupiers, tenants aren’t prepared to wait while things are gradually improved. So when you invest in a McCarthy Group premium investment property, it’s completely finished at handover. Your tenant can simply drive up, walk across their manicured lawn and landscaped grounds, turn the front door key and move straight in.

They’ll also be delighted with the high standard of fixtures and finishes. Everything they need has been provided, right down to the reinforced picture hooks. So, there’s no need for you to pay for costly additions at some later point. To be doubly sure this happens, an independent licensed building practitioner is arranged to inspect your home, and sign off on it before handover – or you can inspect it yourself. At this point, you’ll also receive all documentation, such as certified plans, certificates and warranties.

Outdoor View
Children Play Area

All in Australia’s best new communities

Through our bulk purchasing, high-quality service and professionalism, we have built strong relationships with leading land developers including household names like Stockland, Delfin Land Lease, Australand, and Satterly. These firms specialise in master-planned community estates, featuring town centers, schools, playing fields, smart technology, water features, and parks and walkways, along with strict building covenants to protect your investment.

Our long standing relationships with these firms grants McCarthy Group preferred buyer status. Our pre-prepared contacts, existing product knowledge and large client base means that we lower the total transaction cost. We’re able to access deals usually unavailable to individual property investors, including wholesale pricing, bulk buying discounts and first pick of the best land on offer. This means our clients pay less for the best properties. It’s what you’d call a win-win situation.