Allan and Melanie Embury - McCarthy Group Allan and Melanie Embury - McCarthy Group

Allan and Melanie Embury

“Melanie and I came upon McCarthy Group following a marketing campaign, which led to a meeting with Mark Harry. Mark is a very pleasant fellow, who happens to be married to a lady who hailed from near our hometown in New Zealand.

We’d had lots of discussions about investment property with people living around us, many of whom were investors themselves. We were very keen to get into the investment arena and the meeting with Mark really made sense. McCarthy Group’s concept sounded really well sorted out, they seemed to be very well organised, and they take care of all of the bits and pieces. It all seemed very doable, even easy, really. We were ready, and so we went ahead.

We invested in our first property in Redlynch Valley, Cairns. This property was completed in early 2009. We’ve been up to see it once, and will be back there in 20 days time after a trip back to New Zealand. Redlynch is an absolutely beautiful spot. We’d love to live there ourselves, and even considered it when the property was between tenants for a month. It might figure one day in our long-term plans now that we have a home in such a beautiful area. There’s a lot of development in the region, and we feel it’s in just the right spot.

The home is managed by Koala Blue Real Estate in Cairns, which is part of McCarthy Group. It was their research that pinpointed the location, and since then it has been very well looked after. There was a hiccup with the bank in the construction stage, but as I was with McCarthy Group, they sorted it out from Sydney.

We have a second home now, in Doreen, Victoria, which is just outside Melbourne. This was also an investment through McCarthy Group. The property is now complete and the tenants have moved in, so we are planning a visit there as well to meet up with Koala Blue and to view the property. It looks like a great home and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

Although investment property can be quite complex, we have found the McCarthy Group process to be smooth and free flowing. The average person could get baffled, what with living in WA and having an investment property on the opposite side of the country. However, we live in an era of email and instant communications, so we know where we stand all the time. We are the investors, and we sign the required documents and keep the process moving. Our home filing system is very different now, and we make sure we are well organised and keep on top of all the paperwork. There’s clearly a lot of organisation behind McCarthy Group and Koala Blue. It’s all been really smooth.

In terms of future investments, we’re letting the dust settle in Doreen for the time being, and in a year or two we’ll be looking to see if we are in a position to borrow more for another property. In the meantime we will be supporting our daughter’s travel plans, so we are going to let things settle for a while.

We have already recommended McCarthy Group to family and work colleagues. We are happy to refer them to people who are in a position to invest in properties. We only do this because, from our own experience, we genuinely feel confident about the prospects of McCarthy Group.”