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In June of this year, Townsville Enterprise created a comprehensive report outlining the key economic developments within Townsville. For those who already own a property in Townsville, this publication should help your confidence in the area. For those who haven’t yet invested, we believe that Townsville is a market set for growth, and by reading this publication, you might gain an understanding of why this is the case.

There are a lot of reasons you would think that Townsville is a great place to invest. Not only have property investment magazines discussed the strength of the Townsville market, but there are key economic and social developments within the area which suggest it is set for growth.

In recent times the Townsville area has seen some hard times however, with large scale employer Clive Palmer pulling his Nickel Refinery out of the area, leading to a drop in rental prices in the area. While this was a short term hit for investors, it was only ever going to be a brief blip on an otherwise stable local economy. Nickel is not the only thing going for Townsville, there are many jobs across many different industries, so property will bounce back given a short amount of time.

The below report gives an in depth analysis of the Townsville market, showing off seven key priorities that the area is developing to ensure the strength of the region. We would suggest giving it a read if you want to stay up to date on the happenings of the market.

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Key Insights From the Report

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